MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets

Improve medication safety at the point of care

MPS Medical’s MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets are designed specifically to meet the challenges of drug delivery in neonates. With a limited number of viable vascular access points, a multi-route set is essential. Too often, the need arises to create multi-access sets by building awkward and heavy piecemeal sets at the bedside. This practice increases the chance of infection through touch contamination as well as adding to variability in line set-up, which increases risk of error. Also, the additional tubing length of multiple sets makes delivery of the drug inaccurate and may increase incompatibility issues.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Minimal Dead Space – The MedSafe connector minimizes potential drug incompatibility in the fluid path, with the shortest common fluid juncture available today.
  • Proper Drug Delivery For Neonates – MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets are designed for multiple small volume medication delivery, and minimize the risk for incompatibility problems and pooling of medication in the line while minimizing the need for  additional flush volume.  These features ensure the patient is receiving the medication as administered.
  • Reduced Chance of Infections – These sets are pre-assembled and patient ready, minimizing the need for additional sets, thereby reducing the risk of infection by touch  contamination.
  • Low Priming Volumes – MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets have very low priming volumes and short  lengths.
  • Lightweight – The specially designed connector is nearly weightless with an easy rotating  luer lock to reduce the chance for kinking and pulling.
  • Color Coded – Slide clamps are different colors for easy, at a glance, line identification.
  • Cost Effective – Purchasing pre-assembled MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets reduce the need  to stock several individual sets leading to a possible decrease in costs.
  • Non-DEHP, Latex Free.

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