Neonatal & Pediatric Infusion Products

MPS Medical’s neonatal medical device products were designed specifically for infants in neonatal intensive care. These products offer low priming volumes for small patients while incorporating safety measures to reduce the potential for infection.

MedSafe Multi-Access Extension Sets

Improve Medication Safety At The Point Of Care

MPS Medical’s MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets are designed specifically to meet the challenges of drug delivery in neonates. MedSafe helps you avoid the awkward and heavy piecemeal sets by providing sets with multiple access points. This helps reduce touch contamination potential while offering clearly color-coded lines to minimize risk of error.

MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets are pre-assembled and patient ready. The MedSafe’s unique feature minimizes drug interaction to decrease the chance of dangerous medication errors.

ClosedCare I.V. System®

The Leader in Closed Medication Delivery for Reducing Infection

Reducing infection is important in every area of the hospital, but even more so in the NICU, where patients are extremely vulnerable. ClosedCare reduces touch contamination potential, minimizes connection and disconnection for flush technique and offers a closed system to reduce infection rates.

NICU Specialty I.V. Sets

Making Safer Medication Delivery Possible

Safety is your priority, as is ours. Our NICU Specialty I.V. sets assist with increasing medication safety for your fragile neonatal patients with intuitive design and specifications.