NEMERA, one of the world leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative drug delivery devices, has partnered with MPS Medical, Inc. as a distributor to the compounding pharmacy market to deliver Novelia®, a unique, award winning drug delivery system for compounded ophthalmic solutions and suspensions.


Pureflow® Technology

Using Pureflow® Technology, once a drop is dispensed through the blue tip, the single-way valve at the dropper tip prevents the uptake of air and liquids on the distal side of the bottle. Instead a one-way silicone membrane allows air to permeate back into the bottle, thereby decompressing the bottle.

Pureflow® Drug Delivery System

Bootle Squeezing

Valve Opening

Drop delivery

Valve Reclosing

Valve re-closes sealing the bottle tight.

Air Compensation

Pureflow® technology allows air to diffuse into the bottle.

Product Features

Provides patients:

  • Blue tip for accurate, precise targeting of the eye
  • Calibrated, precise dosing for accurate adherence to treatment
  • User-friendly and intuitive…similar to using as a standard eyedropper

Compounding pharmacy benefits:

  • Ability to compound numerous ophthalmic formulations in one bottle
  • Simplified process thanks to the preassembled, tamper-proof cap and nozzle
  • More sustainable and affordable than existing multi-bottle, single-use dose prescriptions

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